Can you predict your child’s growth with a height estimator?

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When you’re a parent of a child, you may feel unsure about the growth of your child, especially when comparing your child to other children. Does he appear shorter than others? Do you see him struggling to keep up with others? How tall will he be in his later years?

Each child is different, and thus their growth is too. You can’t accurately predict how fast your child is going to develop or how tall he is going to be in the future. However, there are several ways such as height estimators that can give you an idea of how tall your child is going to be.

Two years times two

This method’s name basically explains how it works. All you need to do is double your child’s height when he’s two years old. For example, if your child is 86 centimetres when he is two years old, it’s possible for him to be 172 centimetres when he is an adult.

However, it’s important to note that this method isn’t accurate and no research backs up this way of predicting a child’s height. It also essential to remember that girls develop quicker than boys, and you may have to predict her height at 18 months old for better results.

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Genetic potential height estimator

Also known as the Tanner method or the mid-parental height method, this method predicts a child’s height by getting the average of the parents’ height, and adding or subtracting two inches, depending on the child’s gender.

Once again, this method isn’t the 100% accurate way to determine a child’s height in the future. It may also not work if a child is adopted, and you have no clue how tall their biological parents are.

Follow the curve

This method relies on statistics and records of children’s height in your country. You need to get growth charts used by paediatricians to predict a child’s future height.

First, you need to measure your child’s current height. Then, plot it on the growth curve and follow it. Stay in the same percentile, and you’ll see the predicted height when your child is an adult.


Parents get very excited when their kids go through a growth spurt, but it’s crucial to remember that each child is different. All you can do as a responsible parent is to ensure your child is healthy and watch them grow.

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January 12, 2019