Finding the right Smartphone According to Your Requirements

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Put Brands Aside: What Makes a superb Smartphones?

Smartphones are largely imperative to us, as we rely on them everyday to get in touch with the whole world. However, as it’s common for technology to generally be outdated after a few years (which is an excellent indication of advancement), we’ll must keep up with the trend to enjoy the most out of it. So, how do you spot a fitting smartphone to buy? Perhaps you can consider┬áto choose┬áVivo Nex from Vivo Malaysia.

Operating System

Operating System. The world of smartphones is split into 2 major realms. On one hand there is Android OS and on the opposite there is iOS. As Android is open source, it is actually readily customisable and you may personalise your user experience. iOS on the other hand, provides a more intuitive smartphone interface. It’s rather hard to say the best android phone, but those who value a higher mobile hardware specs could try their hands on the Android line-up for instance Vivo, Oppo, Huawei or Samsung.

Screen Size

vivo nex

Screen Size. Choosing the proper screen size matters. Not only that they determine the kind of experience you can get when playing online games and watching videos, but bigger screen will also mean larger sized phones. While large screens may appear to have each of the great things, it might certainly be annoying at the time you can’t fit them inside the pocket as you go along.

Quality Display

Another necessary feature of a smartphone stands out as the image quality. Do not simply pay attention to resolution. A 4K screen sounds great, but seemingly unnecessary on the smartphone. Way lower resolutions are fine as most people can’t view the contrast between 1080p and 2K resolution on smartphones, let alone 4K. What’s more vital should be to examine the color quality and the brightness of your screen, because really influences the consumer experience.


Camera! One of our smartphone’s main function would be to capture and record what we want. Plus, there is no question seeing that better picture quality gets you more post engagement. Don’t be concerned about the megapixel, instead try to look for aperture and special features – including, Vivo’s smartphones incorporates dual camera which produces stunning images.

Data Storage

Data Storage. Nowadays, just one image have a size of 2MB. With all the quantity of photos and videos we take, as well as apps and games installed, data storage capacity should never be taken lightly. So, be sure you have chosen ones with at minimum 32 GB of storage. Far better, also consider the ones that allows external SD card insertion.


For some, the main feature of your smartphone could be the battery capacity. Not a soul desires to charge their phones 2 times a day or bring a mobile charger regularly. If battery capacity is critical for your needs, try to find smartphones with at the least 3,000 mAh. Depending upon how much you really make use of a smartphone, 3,000 mAh should get you throughout the day.

More Features

Other Functions. Many of the times, maybe you have a specific need regarding getting a smartphone. For instance, buttonless surface, waterproof design, or dual sight mode are usually fun and helpful to have when you need them.


Finally, we suggest that you just think twice prior to making purchase. Never overpay! Sometimes, low-cost smartphones can also have good features – without having to pay for the brand tax. So, happy hunting and get more details at!

January 22, 2019