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Recruit your prospects the Jobstreet’s way

It’s well known that managing a company is no easy feat, not to mention pushing your online business to the peak, is more challenging. An established organization banks on multiple things, a few of which include the perfect strategy, timing, product offering, and kind of audience.

The journey to prevailing a profitable business is no smooth-sailing. One particular essential element of a booming firm is to build the most active team members. With a great team, issues could easily be cured or possibly warded off. Should you have a pool of people having exceptional skills and personal achievements, you’re a step even closer to the flourishing of the business.

Before, the hiring process is a grueling ordeal for acquiring managers. The old ways of hiring a talent include posting job ads on bulletin boards, advertising in papers and even word-of-mouth. Individuals in those days also didn’t have any online resumes and composed them on paper, rendering keeping and coordinating a vast database an overwhelming task.

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Nevertheless, with the introduction of computers and popularisation of website use, less attention is now being put to the more traditional hiring process. In the current established order, organizations may easily make contact with audiences around the world. Recruiting online lessens time loss and cuts down cost, and minimizes solid waste!

Mark Chang Mun Kee first built Jobstreet in 1997 with the hope to make available an online platform to match talent and organizations. Roughly a decade down the road, it’s now undoubtedly one of Southeast Asia’s top rated online recruitment platform. For the time being, Jobstreet serves 80 thousand corporate clients and 11 million job seekers by harmonizing the communication and matching of work opportunities between recruiters and candidates.

Jobstreet prioritizes its subscribers by giving some premium services. Such as to simplify the necessary process to create a professional user profile and hunt for their desired job opportunities. Having magic ingredients, business employers post job ads to correspond with prospective prospects. With Jobstreet’s talent search element, the quest for finding your next qualified applicant is as active as ever.

The candidate selection process evolves for the better thanks to Jobstreet. At this time, with more extensive data pools, advanced employee filtering systems, and an updated communication tools, the entire process of recruiting the perfect talent for your company is more effortless than ever.

Malaysia secures a leading position in Jobstreet’s history. To be a home turf that birthed the start of this company, under the flagship of SEEK Asia, it embarked to other countries, for instance, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, and also Indonesia today. Jobstreet’s inspirations are to connect individuals in Southeast Asia.

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August 7, 2018